Trying to register on the mobile application.

Unfortunately, registration can only be completed on a desktop computer. After you are registered, you will be able to use the app for all of your needs. 

Here are the instructions for registering on your desktop computer:  

• Click the following link:  

• Click the green box that says”For Patients”.  

• Click on the blue wording that says”Sign Up Now”.  

• Enter your email address and create a password.  Please ensure it has a capital letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol. 

• Click “Create”. 

• On the next page, there should be a question asking you “Did you receive an email inviting you to register for Novari ePortal?”. Please click No and then click “Next”. 

• Type the last name of your doctor into the search bar. Click the “Search” button. 

• Find your doctor on the list and click “Select”. 

• Click “Next”. 

• Fill out the form with your personal information. 

• When you are finished, click “Register” and the form will be sent to your doctor. 

To see a visualization, you can watch the video below.