What Security Safeguards Should I Have In Place

Since Novari eVisit deals with personal health information (PHI), we highly recommend that you ensure that you take the follow precautions at a minimum to ensure that your information is protected:

  • Use a current web browser that supports encryption, and sure that it is up to date.
  • Do not use public or shared computers to access Novari eVisit.
  • Do not use insecure networks when accessing Novari eVisit.
  • Use a software or hardware firewall to protect your devices from network intrusion.
  • Install and maintain anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus software to detect new threats.
  • If your device is on a wireless network, ensure that router settings are secure (encrypted), and that your router is password protected.
  • Be cautious when downloading files, installing software, or opening email attachments form unverified or unknown sources.
  • Be suspicious of emails purporting to be from a financial institution, government agency, or other agency requesting account information, account verification, or banking access credentials such as User IDs, PINs, codes, and similar information.
  • We recommend clearing the browser cache before logging into the software in order to eliminate copies of webpages that have been stored on the hard drive.
  • Always lock your device if you leave it unattended, particularly if you are logged into the software. Create a strong password when using Novari eVisit. A strong password is longer than 15 characters, includes upper- and lower-case characters, includes numbers, and include symbols.