What Policies Does Novari Health Have In Place to Ensure Personal Health Information Is Protected

View Novari Health’s privacy policy here.

Novari Health adheres to a rigid privacy policy to ensure personal health information (PHI) is protected. This policy includes the following:

  • All staff are aware of the purpose for which PHI is collected and trained on their legal obligations to protect PHI.
  • Novari Health ensure that third parties acting on behalf of Novari Health are contractually obligated to protect PHI to the same standard that Novari Health adheres to.
  • Novari Health has staff to monitor security on a scheduled basis to detect for any possible breaches in security.
  • Novari Health will report any security incident to the affected health information custodian, should they occur.
  • Novari Health has a privacy officer who is responsible for managing compliance with privacy requirements and implements best practice as it related to privacy software features and requirements.
  • PHI is not used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected.
  • PHI is retained only if necessary, for the fulfillment of the purposes above, and as required by law.
  • Novari Health works with health information custodians to ensure that the data in its custody is accurate, complete, and as up to date as possible.