Patient Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Novari eVisit Patient Portal

As a patient, I can't get into the portal.

Try logging into the Novari eVisit through this link: Your browser may have an old page bookmarked that needs to be updated. This should solve your issue, if it doesn’t, please contact support.

As a patient, how do I delete my patient account?

If you no longer want to use Novari eVisit we are happy to close access to your account. Just to be clear, this means you will no longer be able to access it from that point forward. Please contact support to submit your request.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here. Once there:

  1. Type in your email address and click “Send verification code”
  2. Without exiting out of the page, open your email inbox.
  3. Find the email from Microsoft on behalf of ePortal Ontario.
  4. Copy the verification code and return to the webpage.
  5. Click “Verify Code”
  6. Click “Continue”
  7. Enter your new password.  Confirm your new password.
  8. Click continue.

Is there a cost for a visit?

No, there is no cost for a visit. The cost of a visit is fully covered under OHIP.

How do I update my profile?

Click on the top navigation bar where it says Your Profile. On this page, you will be able to review and edit your personal information.

Can my care provider prescribe medication?

Yes, the clinician can prescribe medications and even send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. You can view a prescription in the Timeline by clicking on the View link of the Prescription event.

How do I add my preferred pharmacy and lab?

Click on the top navigation bar where it says Your Profile. Scroll down to find Your Preferred Pharmacy and Your Primary Lab. From there, you can search for your local pharmacy and select it. If you know the details of your primary lab, you can enter them directly.

Can I use Novari eVisit when I am out of the country?

Yes, you can have a visit when you are out of the country. The only requirement for a visit is a valid health card number.

How do I set my notification preferences?

To set your notification preferences, go to your Account settings.

What if I'm not receiving any notifications

Check your Spam/Junk mail folders and then mark the email as Not Spam/Junk.

What kinds of notifications will I receive?

You will receive notifications whenever one of your open visits is updated. This includes, but is not limited to, when a visit is triaged, accepted, scheduled, completed and if applicable, when a scheduled visit is about to begin.

I need technical support. Who do I call?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties and the FAQs are not helping to resolve the issue, please contact us at:

Services and Safeguards

OTN, Novari Health and others participating in this pilot are required to comply with privacy legislation including the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and its regulations. We use a variety of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to protect and secure your information. Information about your interactions through the application will be recorded and stored securely in Novari servers located in Canada. Novari will only access this information to provide you or your physician with technical support and services. Novari also uses third-party solutions to deliver some of its services. OTN and Novari Health have contractual agreements in place to ensure compliance with PHIPA. Novari monitors, reviews and updates its practices to ensure the privacy and security of confidential information and its transmission in a safe and secure manner. Novari uses a variety of physical, administrative, and technological safeguards to protect confidential information from unauthorized access.

Are my health records secure and private?

Yes, all patient files are encrypted to ensure their privacy and security. The Novari eVisit application is 100% PHIPA compliant.

Is my visit secure?

Yes, the Novari eVisit application is SSL certified.

What information does Novari Health collect, use, and disclose?

We collect the least amount of information required to address your medical questions and concerns. This may include:

  • Your contact information
  • Your age and date of birth
  • Unique identifiers such as username and password
  • Health or medical information
  • Health number such as OHIP
  • Details about any dependents, or a substitute decision maker should you choose to appoint one


How will my health information be used?

You will be asked to provide personal health information (PHI) that will assist in the delivery of your care. Your physician will use this information to provide health care or assist in providing health care to you. Anonymized or de-identified information may be used to conduct quality improvement or business analysis, research, teaching, data collection, fundraising, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. You may be asked to participate in the evaluation of eVisit with one of our authorized partners, but this is strictly voluntary.

To whom may my information be disclosed?

Your information, or that of someone you are caring for, may be disclosed to other physicians directly involved in the administration of your care. In addition, your information, as consented to by you and as permitted by law, may be shared with:

  • medical and clerical staff and authorized contractors involved in your care
  • other health care facilities or services that may be providing you with care

How do I recognize malicious or "phishing" email?

Although email threats continue to evolve and are becoming more and more sophisticated, there are general practices that you can follow to avoid becoming a victim of email phishing:


Approach Links in Email Messages with Caution!

Links in email messages can often take you to fake sites that encourage you to provide personal information or infect your computer when clicked. Before you click a link, make sure to read the target address by hovering your mouse pointer over the link to ensure that the URL points to the correct destination you are seeking. If you receive a message that appears to be related to the eVisit service but instructs you to visit a non-eVisit portal, it is likely a “phishing” email: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!


Here is an example of a displayed URL text ( that is different from the actual URL destination ( By clicking the link, the user will arrive at instead of the expected website.
Do Not Open Attachments from Unknown senders!

Attachments might be malware that downloads to your machine when you open the file. If you don’t know who the attachment is from, or if you weren’t expecting it: do not open the file!


Do Not Reply to Messages asking for Personal Information!

As a reputable organization, Novari will never use email to request that you reply with a password, OHIP number, social insurance number or any other personal information.


When in doubt, contact the Novari technical support line for assistance!

As spoofed emails – emails with a forged sender address — become more sophisticated and harder to distinguish from legitimate ones, when in doubt, contact Novari technical support at for assistance in verifying the legitimacy of the received email.

How do I know a message is really from Novari eVisit?

Novari eVisit can send you messages about updates to your visit and other important changes. Depending on your notification settings, we may send messages by email, SMS text message, and automated phone call.

  • Novari eVisit emails are sent from
  • Novari eVisit text messages and phone calls are sent from +1 647-931-7327

What if some of my information in the eVisit portal is incorrect?

You can change your basic information such as your address or pharmacist preference within the application.  Incorrect DOB and email changes have to be made by contacting support.

Does eVisit ever sell patient information to drug companies or anyone else?

The eVisit pilot will not sell patient information to drug companies or to anyone else.

Can a spouse access their spouse's health record?

A person can only access their spouse’s health record if they have been designated the substitute decision maker.

Can all staff at my physician's office access my eVisit patient record?

Staff involved in your care may access your eVisit patient record with appropriate physician authorization and if it is relevant to your care. They are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement, which is signed as a condition of employment. This agreement ensures that staff access patient information on a need-to-know basis only.

How do I give consent to an eVisit?

By registering for eVisit, you will be prompted to read the User Agreement and consent to the use of your health information. You will acknowledge that you have read about and fully understand the eVisit project, how your information will be used and protected, and the risks and conditions for participation in this project. The Consent Form will also confirm that you have had the opportunity to ask questions and received satisfactory answers.

What is a breach of privacy? How should I report privacy and/or security related incidents?

A privacy or security incident is a situation that can result in the misuse of confidential information such as your personal information. If you have encountered any of the following, we ask that your report it to Novari as soon as possible:

  • You have been the victim (or suspect you have been the victim) of a hacking attempt, malware attack or computer virus.
  • You believe that your personal information within the software may have been accessed inappropriately.
  • You believe that someone has gained access to your username/password.
  • Someone else appears to have access to your account, as evidenced by changes to your account that you did not make.
  • You can view personal information about people other than yourself that you do not think you should be able to see.
  • You have found a way to circumvent the application’s security measures.

To report any privacy or security incident, please contact as soon as possible, and provide as many details as possible.

Are public wifi spots (e.g., coffee shops, hotels, airports, etc.) secure? Is it safe to access sensitive information using a public network?

Sensitive data should never be accessed or transmitted via public wireless networks, which are by nature open and therefore not secure.

How do I tell if communication with a website is secure?

To determine if communication with a website is taking place over a secure, encrypted channel look for https at the start of the web address (the “s” is for secure). Websites that begin with http are not secure and transmit the data in plain text.

What policies does Novari have in place to ensure personal health information is protected?

Novari adheres to rigid privacy policies to ensure personal health information is protected. This policy helps to ensure the following: that Novari staff are aware of the purposes for which PHI is collected and trained on their legal obligations to protect PHI; that third parties acting on our behalf are contractually obligated to protect PHI to the same standard that they protect their own information; that staff is tasked with monitoring security on a scheduled basis to detect any possible breaches; and that any security incident is reported to the affected health information custodian, should they occur. Novari has a privacy officer and chief information security officer responsible for managing compliance with privacy requirements. They implement best practice as it relates to privacy software features and requirements. PHI is not used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected. PHI is retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes stated above or as required by law.

How do I make sure I responsibly use eVisit? What security safeguards should I have in place?

  • Use a strong password with a minimum of 8 characters or more, including upper and lowercase characters, numbers and symbols.
  • Notify Novari through the technical support line of any concerns, incidents or breaches or privacy and/or security that occur during the use of the platform.
  • Do NOT use a shared family email or cell phone to participate in this project. The emails and cell numbers may be used to exchange information such as details about upcoming appointments.
  • Always lock your device if you leave it unattended, particularly if you are logged into the software.
  • Never include any personal information or personal health information in an unsecure email or text message. We encourage you to use secure facilities when using the portal to exchange details of your personal health information.
  • Use a current web browser that supports encryption, and ensure that it is up-to-date.
  • Install and maintain anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus software to detect new threats.
  • If your device is on a wireless network, ensure that the router settings are secure (encrypted), and that your router is password protected.
  • Be suspicious of emails asking for any personal information or personal health information.
  • Consider clearing your browser cache before logging into the platform to eliminate copies of web pages that have been stored on the hard drive.
  • Store your paper health information records in a secure place.

Where can I get more information about privacy practices?

Please contact Novari Health or the OTN Privacy and Risk Office should you have any questions:

Novari Health
1473 John Counter Blvd, Suite 401, Kingston, ON K7M 8Z6

OTN Privacy and Risk Office – Ontario Telemedicine Network
105 Moatfield Drive, Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M3B 0A2
Email: | Tel: 416-446-4110 / 1-855-654-0888 / TTY: 1-855-368-688,## Contact Us

Existing Primary Care Patient Users

These questions and answers are specific to OTN registered primary care patients using Novari eVisit.

I’m not sure if my provider is using the software?

Have you contacted your healthcare professional to see if they are part of the Novari eVisit program? If you did not receive an email from your healthcare professional, they may not be signed up for eVisit yet.

If you have already confirmed with your healthcare professional, please see instructions for how to self register.

How do I complete registration after my provider sent me a verification code?

Can you please go to the web browser on your device (e.g., Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge, etc.), and follow these instructions:

  1. View email sent from Novari Admin
  2. Copy registration code
  3. Go to
  4. Click on For Patients
  5. Click Sign Up Now.
  6. Enter your email address and create a password.  Please ensure it has a capital letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol.
  7. On the resulting page, click the checkbox beside “Yes” and then click “Next”
  8. Enter your date of birth and verification code (ensure there are no spaces before or after)
  9. You should see “Registration Complete” briefly in top right of page.
  10. Read and Accept ePortal Agreements
  11. From there you should be able to proceed with requesting care from your physician.

How do I get a new code?

If you haven’t received it, please check your junk/spam folders for an email from Novari Admin.

If your doctor has sent you the link to register with a verification code and you no longer have it, please contact your provider and request that they ‘Resend Registration Invitation’.  This will generate new verification code for you.

How do I self register

Here are the instructions for registering from a browser (Chrome, ) on your device:

  1. Click the following link:
  2. Click “For Patients”
  3. Click on “Sign up now”
  4. Enter your email address and create a password.  Please ensure it has a capital letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol.
  5. Click “Create”
  6. On the next page, there should be a question asking you “Did you receive an email inviting you to register for Novari ePortal?”.  Please click No and then click “Next”
  7. Type the last name of your doctor into the search bar.  Click the “Search” button.
  8. Find your doctor on the list and click “Select”
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Fill out the form with your personal information.
  11. When you are finished, click “Register” and the form will be sent to your doctor.

My doctor hasn't responded to my registration request.

Have you spoken to your doctor to see if they have reviewed your account yet?  After you submit a registration request, your doctor will look over the information and confirm or deny your request.  Unfortunately, because of privacy, we are not able to do that on our end, but if you give your doctor a call, they should be able to. Contact support if you run into any issues.

How do I add a dependant?

If you and your dependant share the same provider, you can request that they be added to your account.  This will have to be done through the physician’s office.  Please contact them if you would like to proceed with this option.

How do I add a spouse as a dependent?

There are a couple of different options here.  If you would like to continue using one email address for both yourself and your spouse, you could ask your doctor to set up a caregiver/dependent relationship within the application.  It will not affect your patient care at all but will allow you to share a sign-in email and request visits for each of you within one account.

If you would prefer to keep your accounts separate, you will need to use two separate email addresses.  The verification code will still work even if you use a different email than the one it was sent to.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you would like to stop receiving notifications about your medical visits to your email account, please go to your notification settings in the Novari eVisit application and turn them off.

If your doctor signed you up for this service and did not tell you about it, I would be happy to give you more information: Novari Health and the Ontario Telemedicine Network have collaborated to bring you eVisit; a new way to see your healthcare provider. When you have a non-emergency health request, eVisit enables you to have a secure online visit with your family doctor via secure messaging, secure audio call, and secure video call.  You can also call your doctor’s office and ask them for more information.

I submitted a request for a visit, what's next?

Your request will be triaged, and you will receive a notification when the clinician is ready to begin the visit.

Virtual Wait-Room User (Already Registered by a Hospital or COVID Assessment Centre)

This question is for patients who have already been registered by a clerk at either a hospital or a COVID 19 Assessment Centre

How can I send a message to my doctor?

If you have already successfully registered with your doctor to use eVisit, you will now be able to speak with them virtually regarding your health concerns. To initiate a chat with your doctor, you will need have an open visit. You can check this by clicking on the ‘Your Visits’ tab at the top and confirming that you have one with an ‘Open’ status. If you do not have an open visit, please click the ‘Request a Visit’ tab and complete the form to begin a new visit with your provider.